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Model ELS-300 Electronic Line Shaft (ELS) Rotogravure Printing Machine

Customized Rotogravure Printing Machine

-Provide Solutions    
Based on customer’s request
-Product Development
Specification can be customized as per customer request
-Customer Confirmation
Start of fabrication once O/D confirmed

-Machine Test
Test as per designated plastic film
-Machine Delivery
Delivery by air or sea.
-After Sale Service & Maintenance
Warranty 12 months

Performance Feature

Whole machine: direct-drive electronic line shaft (ELS) drive is adopted, and the servo motor of each print unit is directly combined with the printing plate to ensure higher overprinting accuracy.
Rewinding and unwinding: independent double station for rewinding and unwinding, air cap loading and unloading, automatic cutting of rewinding and unwinding. 2 cutters for winding front and back
Printing group: vertical and horizontal automatic color registration, improve registration accuracy, box type heavy pressure type gap-less scraper structure, controlled by frequency converter, transfer ink roller to transfer ink device, reduce ink waste and improve printing effect.

Drying: reduce wind and increase concentration! New energy saving, environmental protection and power saving design
Electronic shaft system: Huamao system + Japan Yaskawa servo motor
Machine rack: solid wall panel of the whole machine, CNC finishing

Applicable Industries

Flexible Packaging Industry
It is used in our daily life. Suitable for company like foods packaging company, daily fresh food company, folding corrugated carton company and pharmaceutical company

Shrink Sleeve Industry
For decoration bottles, glasses and cans, shrink sleeve applicators are shrink sleeves. Whether you want to package cosmetics, food stuffs or drinks for standard packaging. You want your product to reach the customer without being tampered with in between for product protection sleeve.

Optical-electronics Industry
Computer related 3C product and packaging. Such as, laptop cover, ribbon for dye sublimation printers.

Transfer Products Industry
Car, airplane accessories, house architecture, camouflages purpose. It can make your life colorful as pretty as wish.



Packaging & Delivery


Q: What is the overprinting precision ?
A: ≤0.05 in longitudinal and horizontal color register

Q: Can you provide a corresponding printing solution for us ?
A: Yes, please inform specific technical request like printing material, web width and colors number

Q: How do you control the quality ?
A: Before delivery, we shall proceed test per user’s designated printing design until smoothly running

Q: Is there different ELS system brand?
A: Yes, like “KeSai,China” & “Rexroth,Germany”

Q: What is the lead time?
A: Normally it shall be 3 months