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Model ASY-B1 High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machine (Three Motors Drive)

Customized Rotogravure Printing Machine

-Provide Solutions    
According to customer requests & samples to provide machine type
-Product Development
Specification can be modified as per users request
-Customer Confirmation
Bring machine into formal production once confirmed

-Machine Test
Test trial according to user’s sample design until smoothly running
-Packaging And Delivery
Delivery by air or sea.
-After Sale Service & Maintenance
Warranty 12 months

Structural Features

1. Main drive mechanism: The main drive adopts Japanese YASKAWA inverter to control the motor and drives each group of printing plates. Features: less electricity consumption
2. Oven system: external oven, energy saving, environmental protection and electricity saving
3. Enclosed heavy-duty pneumatic knife holder: the scraper can be adjusted up and down and angle arbitrarily, and the lateral movement adopts synchronous motor cam. Features: Extend the life of the version.
4. Plate-loading method: Plate-loading adopts cylinder, pulls the mandrel for plate-loading and uses screw movement for lateral adjustment.
6. The diameter of the printing guide roller is 80mm, 100mm, the diameter of the key part is 120mm, the overall structure of the guide roller, the guide roller has high transmission precision: the guide roller made in Taiwan and Shanghai, the aluminum alloy is processed by dynamic and static balance
7. The whole machine is made of cast iron and one-piece wallboard, and it is controlled by touch screen (stable rack)
8. High-speed machine rack: no chassis connection

Applicable Industries

Flexible Packaging Industry
It is used in our daily life. Suitable for company like foods packaging company, daily fresh food company, folding corrugated carton company and pharmaceutical company

Shrink Sleeve Industry
For decoration bottles, glasses and cans, shrink sleeve applicators are shrink sleeves. Whether you want to package cosmetics, food stuffs or drinks for standard packaging. You want your product to reach the customer without being tampered with in between for product protection sleeve.

Optical-electronics Industry
Computer related 3C product and packaging. Such as, laptop cover, ribbon for dye sublimation printers.

Transfer Products Industry
Car, airplane accessories, house architecture, camouflages purpose. It can make your life colorful as pretty as wish.



Packaging & Delivery


Q: Can we use it for both plastic film and paper printing job ?
A: yes, the premise is the paper less than 80gram/m²

Q: is there automatic tension control?
A: Yes, synchronization with PLC control

Q: What about this machine’s control type ?
A: It adopts 3 SIEMENS frequency motor drive that respectively on unwinding , main drive and winding unit

Q: What’s human machine interface brand?
A: "Weinview, China Taiwan"

Q: How long can we proceed acceptance test?
A: Normally 45 days